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What is Billion Or Bust?

We are not a magazine

We are not a website

Billion Or Bust is a rallying call.

Billion Or Bust  is a community of Entrepreneurs and Innovators who want to share their knowledge with those who are on the same path as they are.

By giving the tools of entrepreneurship and good financial practices to those who are underserved, we are creating a new generation of individuals who will in turn provide these keys to their young ones.

Generational Wealth is the goal.

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.

We don’t just show you the fruits of success, but we give you the game plan and show you the plays you need to run to get there.

As a culture, we set every trend except the ones that build wealth for generations to come, that changes now.

We highlight the shakers and movers that look like us.

We are redrawing the face of entrepreneurship

No one source is capable of reaching our multicultural, multifaceted audience.

Billion Or Bust is a media collective, bringing the information where the audience is.