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#Freegame The Journey

#FreeGame: Make Sure You Fill A Need Before Going For Gold

Amobi Okugo Mar 07

FreeGame – This is going to be short and sweet….as entrepreneurs many times we find ourselves trying to hit the home run or be the next big unicorn business when in reality the most important thing is fulfilling a need. If you fulfill a need to enough people, your business will be successful. In the world of social media, trends, and groupthink that is honestly the best approach to any business. Once your product or service catches enough eyes, your business will grow like a wildfire. I always think back to what my buddy Charles Olgesby better known as Todd Capital says, you can be the 100th best basketball player and be an afterthought or you can be the 100th best business person and be a billionaire.

The people that made real money during the gold rush were the ones who supplied jeans, shovels, and boots. They took a chance and fulfilled a need, they didn’t just go on a wish. Instead of going for gold, by fulfilling a need those people made plenty of money. So as you reflect on what your company is or what type of company you plan on starting make sure you fill a need before going for gold.

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Amobi Okugo

MLS midfielder and founder of Frugal Athlete