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In My Own Words: Amobi Okugo – New Year, Still Build

Amobi Okugo Dec 29


I really have a newfound respect for entrepreneurs and anyone running a business whether it’s a lemonade stand or fortune 500 company, there are many things that you don’t realize you have to do in order to make your business successful. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Frugal Athlete grow into something that is not just an idea anymore but an actual platform. No we haven’t made any money and no we aren’t where we want to be but I can truly look at the business structure and have confidence it’s going to get to where I want it to go.

With the  new year approaching, I know everyone has their lofty goals and vision boards and whatnot that they want to accomplish heading into the new year. For Frugal Athlete, I’m focused on continuing to build out the base, so my goals are on a much smaller scale than what should be. Right now as I write this, I’m figuring out how to efficiently send out frugal athlete merch and gear online without any drop shipping assistance for a possible summer collection in order to raise funds to continue to grow the brand and platform. I haven’t even figured out how to properly set up Mailchimp to increase my audience via email. For all the good things that have happened for example being featured on Forbes and Market Watch and Front Office Sports, there are still plenty of areas I need to work on.

So for 2018 my main goal is to provide way more video content. Speaking to people I trust in different stages of their own businesses, they all tell me one thing. More video!! Whether it’s embedded clips or videos I’m doing on my own. Video is a great way to attract the customers and increase exposure and content. So that is number one on my goal list. So for 2018, expect a lot more video content. Don’t want to give away too much but there are some cool things we are working on that I’m excited to see come to fruition.  I will be sure to share them once they come to completion. I think if I can slowly take care of things like this and focus on the small victories that championship wins will eventually come. When it comes to business, you have to play the long game, I remember reading somewhere that the overnight success stories we often hear about really were grinding for 4-8 years before they became overnight sensations.

I’m excited to hear about everyone’s visions for their own journey heading into the new year, share them with me in the comments.

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Amobi Okugo

MLS midfielder and founder of Frugal Athlete

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