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Kevin Durant Has His Eyes On NBA Ownership After Playing Career Is Over

Kevin Durant has been busy plotting his next moves. He’s been meeting with NBA Owners and tech CEO’s to gather information as he prepares to make an effort to purchase an NBA franchise once his playing career ends.

ESPN.com’s Chris Haynes reported Durant’s desire to own an NBA team has “intensified” since he joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

“This is a genuine goal of his after he retires, to add another African-American in the position of majority ownership,” a source told Haynes.

Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan is the only black NBA majority owner and is the lone former player in that position. Jordan, the richest athlete in history with a networth of approx. $1.6B has the capital to attain such a feat. Durant, who has made $150M in salary and will make around $300M in endorsements still has some ground to gain in order to purchase a team.

One thing that Durant has on his side is his various tech investments, which he has engrossed himself in since joining the Golden State Warriors in 2016. One or two unicorn investments and Durant can level his playing field rapidly.

“We’re paid for what we can do on the basketball court and most players know these paychecks are not going to come on the first and 15th for the rest of our lives,” Durant said. “If we get a big sum of money, why not try to help it grow? That’s what entrepreneurs and Fortune-500 CEOs do. They get a crop of money and they try to grow it. They get a product and they try to grow it. We’re our own business. Why not try to control that and why not try to leverage that to provide a better life after you’re done playing? That’s what it’s about.”

via Bleacher Report

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