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A List Of Black Men In Venture Capital

EL Johnson Nov 25

It’s not a secret, the world of venture capital is an exclusive club. The common perception of a venture capitalist is an old white guy with billions throwing millions into a startup idea by a younger white guy. However this isn’t a post about the diversity issues in tech, this is a source of inspiration and a resource of VC’s that look like you.

Aaron McClendon, an early-stage VC in Detroit compiled a list of Black VC’s on his Medium page, here’s that list below:


Paul Judge — Partner, Judge Ventures

M. Cole Jones — Venture Partner, NextGen Venture Partners

Rodney Sampson — Partner, TechSquare Labs


James Earl Brown III — Founder & General Partner, Arena Growth Partners

Randall Crowder — Cofounder & Managing Partner, TEXO Ventures

Robert F. Smith — CEO & Chairman of the Board, Vista Equity Partners


Ray Joyce — Venture Analyst, Greenspring Associates

Benjamin Jealous — Partner, Kapor Capital

Herbert Wilkins Jr. — Managing Director, SCI Ventures

Tony Thomas — Managing Director, SCI Ventures

Joaquim Darrel Barros — Managing Director, SCI Ventures

Bay Area

Clayton Bryan — Venture Partner, 500 Startups

David ibnAle — Founder & Managing Partner, Advance Venture Partners

Chris Lyons — Chief of Staff, Andreessen Horowitz

Ken Coleman — Special Advisor, Andreessen Horowitz

LJ Erwin — Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Naithan Jones — Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Kamil Saeid — Investor, Aspect Ventures

Lindsay Lee — Managing Partner, Authentic Ventures

Jamison Hill — Principal, Bain Capital Ventures

Erik Moore — Managing Director, Base Ventures

Kirby Harris — Partner, Base Ventures

Obi Ugwanali — Cofounder & Managing Partner, Black Angel Tech Fund

Ken Grimes — Managing Director, Black Angel Tech Fund

Kwame Anku — Cofounder & Principal, Black Angel Tech Fund

Marc Mitchell — Cofounder & Senior Advisor, Black Angel Tech Fund

Ron Berry — Founding Principal, Black Angel Tech Fund

Vincent Diallo — Partner, Bleu Capital

Stephen DeBerry — Founder & Managing Partner, Bronze Investments

Marlon Nichols — General Partner, Cross Culture Ventures

Rashad Drakeford — Marketer in Residence, Cross Culture Ventures

Trevor Thomas-Uribe — Partner, Cross Culture Ventures

Troy Carter — General Partner, Cross Culture Ventures

Nicholas Pianim — Managing Director, DAG Ventures

Kevin Durant — Founder, Durant Company

Eghosa Omoigui — Managing Partner, EchoVC Partners

Javaughn Lawrence — Investor, Eniac Ventures

Abdul Ly — Special Projects, First Round Capital

KJ Sidberry — Investor, Forerunner Ventures

Darryl Finkton — Managing Partner, FundRx

Ralph Taylor-Smith — Managing Director, GE Ventures

Brian Hollins — Growth Equity Investor, Goldman Sachs

Kwasi Ohene-Adu — VP of Engineering and Operating Partner, Goodwater Capital

Twum Djin — CTO, Goodwater Capital

Jason Towns — Managing Partner, Groundwork Ventures

Tyson Clark — Partner, GV

Mark Crawford — Investor, Intel Capital

Larry Cook — Finance Director, Intel Capital

Brian Dixon — Partner, Kapor Capital

Luke Thompson — Investor, Maschmeyer Group Ventures

Elliott Robinson — Partner, Microsoft Ventures

Michael Madison — Director-General & Founding Partner, Orogenesis

Earnest Sweat — Investor, PLD Ventures

Lo Toney — Partner, Plexo Capital

Charles Hudson — Managing Partner, Precursor Ventures

Frederik Groce — Analyst, Storm Ventures

Adrian Walker — Managing Partner, Telescopic Ventures

Garth Timoll, Sr. — Managing Director, Top Tier Capital Partners

Arthur Johnson — Managing Partner, TwilioFund

Kobie Fuller — General Partner, Upfront Ventures

Michael Seibel — Partner, Y Combinator


Kingsley R. Chin — Managing Partner & CEO, KICVentures

Carmichael Roberts — General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners / Founder & Managing Partner, Material Impact

Brandon Greer — Analyst, OpenView Venture Partners

Edward Dugger III — President, Reinventure Capital

Quenton Bubb — Fellow, Vida Ventures


Stephen Walker — Vice President, Artist Capital

Alfred Jackson — Relationship Manager, Queen City Fintech


Aaron Gillum — Managing Director, Caerus Investment Partners

James Robinson — Managing Partner, Caerus Investment Partners

Don Thompson — Partner*, Cleveland Avenue

Mike Asem — Director, M25 Group

Michael Thompson — Founder & Managing Director, MDT Ventures

Wayne Moore — Cofounder & Vice President, Purple Arch Ventures

Alex Washington — Managing Director, Wind Point Partners


Dhani Jones — Chairman, Qey Capital & Founder of the Hillman Accelerator

Ebow Vroom — CEO/President of Operations, Qey Capital & co-founder, Hillman Accelerator


David Hunegnaw — Partner, LOUD Capital

Calvin Cooper — Director, NCT Ventures


Joseph Beard — Partner, Perot Jain

Dr. Kneeland Youngblood — Founding Partner, Pharos Capital Group


Nasir Qadree — Associate Director of Social Investments, AT&T

Lenard Marcus — Partner, Edison Partners

Hilton H. Augustine, Jr. — Chief Angel, Englare

Olawale (Wale) Ayeni — Senior Investment Officer — VC, International Finance Corporation

Winslow Sargeant — Managing Director, S&T

Terry L. Jones — Managing Partner, Syncom Venture Partners

Duane McKnight — Partner, Syncom Venture Partners

Stan Smith — Principal, Syncom Venture Partners

David Hall — VP, Revolution

Timothy Bernard Jones — Founder & Managing Principal, TBJ Investments

Vernon Lee — Co-Chair, Venture Capital Access Program (VCAP)


Lemuel Amen — Managing Partner, Altius Companies

Aaron McClendon — Analyst, Detroit Venture Partners

Sherwin Prior — Managing Director, GM Ventures

Stefon Crawford — Analyst, GM Ventures

Derek Edwards — Vice President, Invest Detroit

Jason Barnett — Vice President, Invest Detroit

Karl I. Bell — SVP, Invest Detroit

Seun Oyewole — Analyst, Invest Detroit Ventures


Laurence Morse — CEO, Fairview Capital Partners

Kola Olofinboba — Managing Partner, Fairview Capital Partners

Kwesi Quaye — Associate, Fairview Capital Partners

Kansas City

Kevin Lockett — Partner, Fulcrum Global Capital

Los Angeles

Troy Carter — Founder & CEO, Atom Factory

Vaughn Blake — Founder & Managing Partner, Autochrome

Walter Delph — Partner & Managing Director, BCG Digital Ventures

Kobe Bryant — General Partner, Bryant Stibel

Adam Demuyakor — Technology Investor, Fifth Wall Ventures

Brentt Baltimore — Investor (MBA Intern), Greycroft Partners

Ryan L. Smith — Director of Venture Capital & Private Equity, Magic Johnson Enterprises

Rashaun Williams — General Partner (The All-Star Fund), Manhattan Venture Partners

Austin Clements — Senior Associate, TenOneTen Ventures

Anthony Tucker — Principal, Troy Capital Partners

Hamet Watt — Venture Partner, Upfront Ventures

Anthony Saleh — Partner, WndrCo

Shane Kelly — Founder & Managing Partner — Wolverine Angels


Marcus Whitney — Founding Partner, Jumpstart Foundry

Israel Rollins — Managing Principal, Bethesda Capital Partners

New York

Aaron Holiday — Cofounder & General Partner, 645 Ventures

Nnamdi Okike — Cofounder & General Partner, 645 Ventures

Christopher N. Aguwa — Senior Manager, Aetna Ventures

Del Johnson — Investor in Residence, Backstage Capital

Oluwatoni Campbell — Associate, Bessemer Venture Partners

Jerrod Hill — VC Associate Intern, Bowery Capital

Kanyi Maqubela — (Formerly) Partner, Collaborative Fund

Adrian Grant — Entrepreneur In Residence, Comcast Ventures / Catalyst Fund

Kai Bond — Investor, Comcast Ventures / Catalyst Fund

Denmark West — Partner, Connectivity Capital Partners

Demi Obayomi — Associate, FirstMark Capital

Peter Boyce II — Partner*, General Catalyst Partners / Rough Draft Ventures

Chris Wallace — Investor, Greycroft Partners

Brentt Baltimore — Investor (MBA Intern), Greycroft Partners

Brandon Bryant — Managing Partner, Harlem Capital Partners

Henri Pierre-Jacques — Managing Partner, Harlem Capital Partners

Imafidon Edomwonyi — Managing Partner, Harlem Capital Partners

Jarrid Tingle — Managing Partner, Harlem Capital Partners

John Henry — Managing Partner, Harlem Capital Partners

Winzell Steele Jr — Managing Partner, Harlem Capital Partners

Courtney Hall — Managing Director, Hillcrest Venture Partners

Richard Parsons — Co-founder & Partner, Imagination Capital

Brian Aoaeh — Partner, KEC Ventures

John Azubuike — Associate, KEC Ventures

Allan Jean-Baptiste — Principal, KKR

Carmelo Anthony — Partner*, Melo 7 Tech Partners

Ivan Alo — Cofounder & Managing Partner, New Age Capital

Kelvin Beachum Jr. — Investor, Next Play Capital

Craig Vaughan — Partner, QueensBridge Venture Partners

Nasir Jones — Partner, QueensBridge Venture Partners

Chad Mitchell — Associate, Radian Capital

Malcolm McClain — Associate, Rethink Capital

Al Forman — Partner, Tuatara Capital

Solomon Hailu — Investor, Tusk Ventures

Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) — Partner*, TBD*

Richard Kerby — (Formerly) Vice President, Venrock

Alden Mahabir — Manager, Verizon Ventures

Winston Waters — Investor, Virgin Management


William Crowder — Partner, 42 Venture Partners

Roberra Aklilu — Investment Analyst, Osage University Partners

Jon Gosier — Founder & General Partner, Southbox / Principal, Gosier Holdings


Nana Wilberforce Ph.D — Partner, S.A.W. Capital Partners

St. Louis

Chisom Uche — Associate, SixThirtyFast

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