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Name: Adrian Collins

Location: Columbus, OH

Adrian Collins is a NPTI Certified Wellness Trainer located in the Columbus, OH area. Originally from Kankakee, IL, Adrian always had a passion for helping people, even to his detriment at times. He has been able to turn his love for fitness and helping others into a training business that has allowed him to touch many lives in his community.

“I finally found a career that I can do where helping people is an understatement! Uniting with people to Conquer all challenges is what I feel sets apart from just ‘Helping people'”.

Being a trainer has helped Adrian realize how fulfilling it is to unite people and help them along their journey of building or regaining their self confidence through mental and physical wellness.

“My main goal for this journey as a trainer is to touch lives and help people grow within, because it’s more than outer appearance! I believe you have to grow from within in order to blossom into whatever you want your exterior be! Once you master self, you can conquer anything, but you can’t do it alone! it takes unity!” A team of believers!

Quick Facts:

Favorite Rapper: J. Cole
Favorite beverage: Water, Natural Tea
Favorite movie: The Temptations

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