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LOCALS ONLY: Kenny Wall the Master Barber

Kenny Wall

Name: Kenny Wall

Location: Columbus, Ohio

With just over 7 years of professional experience, Kenny Wall is one of Columbus’ youngest elite barbers. After obtaining his training from Ohio State College of Barber Styling he began his professional career in men’s grooming. From management to ownership and everything in between Kenny has dedicated his creativity and eye for detail to improving the style and self-confidence of every client while adding value to the ever-expanding men’s hair care field. Kenny specializes in fading, blending, and beard trims. He also specializes in the art of shaving with a straight razor, which provides the cleanest and closest shave possible. With a keen eye for style, Kenny can make any idea a reality, leaving his chair will leave you feeling like an completely different person.

Favorite Rapper: B.O.B.

Favorite Drink: Tazo Giant Peach Tea

Favorite Movie: Lucy


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