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Growing Your Business The Playbook

Quick Tips: 5 Key Areas To Work On In Your Business

EL Johnson Jan 10

Entrepreneurship is hard, that’s one thing that we all can agree on. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of keeping your business alive, you’re putting out fires, you’re managing teams, you’re developing marketing plans, the amount of hats you wear are numerous. You always find yourself responding to things and being reactive, and you never have time to create. You need more time working on your business and less time working in it.

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Working on your business requires a higher-level approach.

It’s important to be intentional about working on your business. Pick a time when you’re at your most productive, and set aside 30-40mins, without internet, without distractions. Devote this time exclusively to working on activities that will improve your business, think forward-progress.

Five Areas To Consider:

This is work that grows your business. Are you developing new products or services? are you pursuing any partnerships or joint ventures?

How can you use your existing resources in a new way? can you create a new sale? launch an event? or come up with a new offer to generate attention and income?

You know there are some problems that you’ve been avoiding, or working around. Time to approach these issues head on and get them off your plate.

It’s always good to review your prices on a regular basis to determine whether or not you should increase them. Also consider adding upsells, cross-sells, or other income-generating tools.

This involves more than the routine customer service emails or inquiries, but initiating communication through newsletters and updates.

The overall key for all of these activities is to be intentional and proactive and not reactive. Doing this for just 30-40 mins a day can pay huge dividends. You spend that time pushing your business forward and you cna spend the rest of the time putting out the fires.

What are some things you do to work on your business that I haven’t touched on? Share in the comments.


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EL Johnson

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