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Spaces: Vans new 182,000 sq ft Global Headquarters

Iconic Skate brand Vans has moved into a new headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA.  The 182,000 sq ft HQ was designed by Rapt Studios. The space embodies Vans’ four brand pillars: Art, Music, Action Sports, and Street Culture and Fashion.


The building is centered around a courtyard with a Vans red staircase linking all of the different groups within the company. It was very important that the new space had areas that accommodated and encouraged collaboration but also gave employees the ability to focus when needed. In fact, if everyone in the company left their desk, there would be enough space for each person to work remotely inside and outside the building.

There were three must-haves that the employees asked for after being surveyed: a gym, coffee and wifi. A coffee bar was installed to serve draft Stumptown coffee that employees can enjoy at the bar or in The Commons surrounded by art by John Van Hamersveld.

Vans paraphernalia, from skateboards and sneakers to art and books, can be found in every corner of the conference rooms, open space lounge areas, executive offices and employee desks.

Sustainability was also an important factor to the company who wants to achieve LEED Platinum status, the highest standard sustainable buildings can reach. With a solar array of over 4,000 solar panels to power more than 90% of the headquarter’s electricity, 38 electric vehicle charging stations powered by the solar array, and energy-efficient technologies, we have no doubt that Vans will reach that standard soon.

via Design Milk

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