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Tyler Perry Studios’ new soundstage opens with Black Panther as the first movie filmed there

Black Panther has been Marvel Studio’s biggest box office hit to date, and is trending at over $400 million worldwide. The movie is heralded for its melanin rich cast, and the thousands of Black people the production employed. Even Tyler Perry got in on the action as Black Panther was the first movie filmed at the new sound stages at Tyler Perry Studios.

Most of the movie was filmed in Metro Atlanta and the filmmaker recently took to social media this week to reveal the little-known fact that parts of the hit movie were shot at one of the new stages at his studio. In fact, he said the Marvel flick was the first to be filmed there.

From his Instragram account, Perry wrote: “Welcome to Wakanda! You wanna talk about black history! These are the new stages at Tyler Perry Studios. And guess what the first film to shoot on one of the stages was?!”

Several locations around the metro area were home to “Black Panther” settings, including the High Museum in Midtown and the rock quarry at the Vulcan Materials Co. in Stockbridge. An official from the Henry County city said several scenes of Wakanda, the fictional African nation in the film, were shot at the quarry.

About $84 million of “Black Panther’s” reported $200 million budget was spent in Georgia. The funds went toward rental equipment and grips; lumber, hardware and supplies; lodging and transportation, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

via AJC

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